Who are you?

I’m Em, a full-time corporate slave by day, a writer/blogger/content creator by night (or whenever I have free time).

I have Hungarian blood in my veins but live in Melbourne, Australia.

I’m petite. I’m health conscious. I’m a recovering perfectionist.

I love all things sparkly!

I believe Haagen-Dazs Belgian Chocolate is the best ice cream on the planet!

I love to travel but don’t do it often enough.

I love dogs and I dream of getting a Labradoodle one day.

I write bad poetry and I’m learning French (which is not going so well).

I am a great listener, a keen observer of human behaviour, a bit of a dreamer.

I am a massive supporter of women and I think we are living in such exciting times. The tide is rising, the scales are tipping and the power is shifting.


 Fashion and motivational posts? Isn’t that a strange mix?

I know! I mean, fashion & beauty & wellness are somewhat superficial, some might say, and personal development is more profound.

But are the superficial and profound mutually exclusive? I don’t think so.

Mixing the two is my way of lightening the mood a bit, I suppose. The day to day grind, the challenges many of us face in life, can often weigh us down and can make us serious (or even grumpy and unhappy).

A pretty dress and sparkly accessories, a pair of sexy heels or a hot red shade of lipstick can be a temporary distraction, a bit of fun to take our minds off the serious.

On a personal note, for me, focusing on fashion & beauty is making me move way out of my comfort zone but sometimes wonderful things happen when you move out of your comfort zone.

On another note, I hope that my take on fashion will inspire others to challenge their beliefs – of self, of their self-imposed limitations and of society’s expectations. Perhaps, challenging those beliefs will be the catalyst for a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement.


What is your fashion philosophy?

To be honest, I haven’t had much of a ‘philosophy’ until recently. In fact, in my younger days I made some rather questionable and even embarrassing fashion choices.

I have also gone through phases where minimal effort comfortable attire, like jeans & sneakers were my go-to outfit of the day (and those days ain’t over).

For a long time, I looked at other girls and women totally slaying it in terms of their fashion choices and wished that I had the courage, the look, the body and the budget to be just as cool.

Lately, I have found myself itching to burst out of the boring and safe fashion box I put myself in way back when I didn’t know any better.

I have also realised how my fashion choices were linked to my feelings of self-confidence and my indoctrination by society of what is acceptable and expected and hot and desirable and now I finally have the confidence to challenge all of that nonsense. That’s the main reason behind my Instagram account.

Essentially, I believe we should all wear whatever we like. What a revelation, right? What an epiphany!

How sad that it’s taken me this long to realise that I get to decide. Not society, not the media, not the fashion industry. Me!

I don’t follow trends if a certain look doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t consume fast fashion mindlessly.

I am a lot more aware of ethical, sustainable fashion choices.

I combine old pieces and new. I’d much rather invest in one or two quality pieces than a pile of cheap items I will need to throw out in a year.

I am also quite fussy about quality.

Most of all, I have fun and I like to add a little sparkle whenever I can.

Shimmering tops, sparkly shoes, pretty accessories.

I tend to gravitate towards feminine, delicate pieces. I seldom wear skimpy, revealing outfits…but maybe that’s my next challenge? Or maybe not…


Do you post daily?

No, not at the moment.

I’m a one-woman show with a full-time ‘day job’. I’m a relative novice in the social media universe. I do my own research (I watch a lot of YouTube tutorials), content writing, photography, editing, planning & scheduling and engagement with my audience. I also do my own hair, makeup & styling.

I do my best to create authentic, meaningful, engaging, interesting and entertaining content but I just don’t have enough free time at the moment to post daily.

For now, I’m calling this my ‘creative project’ and if I’m lucky enough to make a success of it and quit said day job, I promise I will post more frequently!

Until then, I’ll be posting around 3 times a week. That’s the plan, anyway!


Will you do any makeup tutorials?

Hahaha! No!

Unless you’re after a bit of comic relief. I am hopeless at doing my own makeup. Over the years, I have perfected an efficient way of doing as little makeup as possible, and not looking too disastrous.

I cannot count the number of times I’ve watched YouTube videos of that Holy Grail of all makeup tricks: the smoky eye.

…and yet, to this day, I haven’t managed to get the hang of it, though goodness knows I’ve tried.

…and each time I have another go, I end up looking like a panda, or worse, like I have a black eye.

I will post about beauty products and beauty procedures, occasionally, but no makeup tutorials, I’m afraid.

But, as they say, never say never, right?


What does ‘Be good. Be nice.’ mean?

‘Be good. Be nice.’ is a little mantra I often repeat to myself and it relates to my personal development philosophy.

It’s so easy to get angry and to hate and to lash out at others when we’re not happy. But what that does is, whilst it may temporarily ease the pressure, in the long run, it actually makes us feel worse.

I believe human beings are inherently good and harbouring negative feelings for extended periods of time is not healthy.

I have learned over the years that trying to stay positive and being nice, even when deep down we are in pain, helps deal with the negative thoughts and feelings. Not giving in to anger and hate and not letting it take over our lives helps us get through life’s challenges more easily, in my experience.

So, whenever I’m feeling down, I make a conscious effort not to spread the negativity.

I tell myself ‘be good, be nice’ and it helps me smile, even when sometimes I want to cry or swear or shout.


Do you moderate the comments?

Yes, I do…to be best of my ability and time permitting.

Why? Because I will not tolerate abuse. There is plenty of negativity and toxicity in this world and I just don’t want it on my blog or on my Insta account.

I welcome intelligent debate, differences of opinion and if you would like to challenge my views and broaden my understanding of various topics by offering another perspective, I’m very happy to listen.

However, abuse directed at me or my audience will be deleted.