I wonder, as I write this, how to address you… Friends? Readers? Ladies? My darlings??

I’m not sure yet, so I’ll let it evolve, as my blog evolves over time.

For now, I’ll just say that I’m glad you’ve found your way here.

I suppose you’re curious what this blog is about, so I’ll try to explain it as briefly as I can.

This blog is for the woman who doesn’t have it all, or doesn’t want it all.

Also, the woman who maybe does want it all but doesn’t know where to begin. Or doesn’t believe she deserve it… Or doesn’t believe she can do it.

It’s also for the woman who wants some of it, but not all.

The woman who is working to have it all but each time she tries, Life rudely or cruelly interrupts her plans.

I am one of these women and I get it because I have lived it…and I am living it, day to day.

Life has thrown a lot of challenges in my path – from childhood trauma to health issues, financial crises (yes, plural), relationship failures (definitely plural), family problems – testing my faith, my limit, my strength.

Uncomfortable and painful as they were, each experience has made me stronger and wiser and has gently nudged me closer to my path and purpose.

It seems, starting a blog and a linked Insta account are part of my purpose. A year or two ago I would have laughed and rolled my eyes.

So, why am I doing this? I am not sure…I am listening to my inner voice, which sometimes says ‘You’re crazy!’ and at other times says ‘Why not? It’ll be fun!’.

I hope it will be fun – for you and for me!

What you’ll find here is posts about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, wellness, but I’ll also be writing about my journey through life and what I’ve learned thus far, sharing my perspective on the big picture and the day to day grind, with a generous sprinkle of sparkles to brighten up your life, because there’s just not enough of that going around!

So, I hope you’ll come back again soon!

Until then…Be good. Be nice.


Em xx

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